Meaningful making workshops for your next PD session!

Make Lit Interactive

This workshop enables teachers to work with their elementary-aged students to create exciting interactive books, maps, sculptures or other displays that can be used to address many of the Common Core standards for ELA while introducing young students to physical computing with very basic Scratch and/or Microsoft MakeCode. Attendees will leave with a handmade interactive book they can use with their own Makey Makey or Micro:bit, which can be used as a catalyst for creative amazing interactive literacy projects with their own students. This project has a “low floor/high ceiling” and can be adapted in a multitude of ways to fit just about any learning goal!

Read, Write, Make!

This workshop provides an overview of many easy ways to combine making with early literacy. Participants will leave with ideas and inspiration for adding making to their young students’ language arts classes in simple ways that meet many standards and keep students engaged and excited about learning. This workshop is geared towards teachers and providers who work with K-3 students.

Custom Maker Workshops

Have a particular science or social studies unit you’d like to connect with making and literacy? A book study that is begging for some amazing STEAM-y connections? Want a way to introduce your teachers to making without overwhelming them? Contact us for information on our custom professional development workshops.