Project Elementary was created by Aimee DeFoe. Aimee has been a teacher since 1997, mostly in small, progressive schools where creativity, making and curriculum creation have always been central to her teaching and learning life. Aimee is currently the principal and maker education specialist at a K-8 school in Pittsburgh, PA.

Aimee’s over fifteen years of experience with creating integrated, cross-curricular, project-based curriculum naturally lends itself to maker ed. Making in the classroom can provide high-interest ways for students to learn literacy skills and subject area content, but most importantly can teach students to learn how to learn.

Project Elementary’s mission is to help teachers, after school providers and anyone else who is interested to integrate making into their own classrooms and programs in an accessible, doable and engaging way, and is especially interested in working at the intersection of literacy and making.

We provide professional development sessions, curriculum creation and consulting services, and hope to help teachers to be comfortable and confident in their ability to make a difference in students’ lives through making.